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by Laura on December 19, 2012

Many of you will already be aware of all the chatter surrounding this coming Friday, otherwise known as Friday 21st December 2012, the winter solstice or for some the end of the world ;-)

Ok, so don’t click away just yet, even if you think this stuff is a load of old rubbish bear with me for a moment…

The reason why some people have talked about this being the end of the world is due to the fact that the ancient Maya Long Count Calendar ends on this date. Alongside the Doomsday theories there are also some interesting spiritual beliefs. Some feel that instead of it being the end of the world in a literal sense, it is actually the end of an age and a new spiritual awakening for humanity.



Whether you believe in this kind of thing or not, or even if you just acknowledge the change of the seasons as we pass through the equinox, this can be a great time to make changes in your life. Here are a few of my top tips for taking advantage of this shift in energy – even if you don’t believe in it!

How you can use the equinox to make changes in your life (even if you don’t believe in all that New Age stuff)

Letting go of crap

Take some time to write a list of things you would like to ‘let go of’. This can be unhealthy habits, draining relationships, guilt or negative thoughts about yourself. Allow yourself for a moment, to think about and feel those emotions clearly while you write. Then take this list and destroy it. Burn it (safely please!) tear it up, shred it, bury it or just chuck it in the bin. Visualise all those things you need to let go of being tied up on that piece of paper and being destroyed when you destroy the paper.

Making a fresh start

Traditionally the 1st January is the day we all set our resolutions but really, the 1st January is just like any other day – it is the power it holds in our minds that gives it that ‘clean slate’ status. The equinox is the actual physical change in nature when we tip over from one season to the next. If any time is good to make a change this is it! You may not feel like resolving to avoid chocolate this close to Christmas, but there’s no reason why you can’t start eating more fruit and vegetables or drinking more water. There are also plenty of other areas of your life that may do well with the opportunity for a fresh start. Perhaps you are not that spiritual but you would like to develop that part of yourself? May be you would like to practice more self kindness or kindness to others? Whatever positive changes you’d like to implement, make sure they are practical and achievable.

De clutter and clean your living space

I know that de cluttering close to Christmas may seem a little counter intuitive. However, doing a quick assessment of what is hanging around your living space that doesn’t serve you or a particular purpose and either getting rid of it, (donating / recycling) or storing out of the way until you can deal with it more permanently, is a great way to make space for potential Christmas gifts and foods, but also as a way of clearing out any negative energy hanging around and reinforcing that feeling of letting go of things and starting a fresh. Give the place a good clean while you are at it and you’ll be all set for Christmas in one fell swoop!

Light a candle and feel connected

The winter equinox marks the shortest day of the year. After this the days start getting lighter again and eventually we welcome the sun back. Lighting a candle to signify the return of the sun is a very simple way to feel a little more connected to the universe. This may be a little new agey for you, but remember that the equinox is a natural yet scientific event.

Meditate to motivate

Even if you have never meditated in your life, give this quick 5 minute meditation a try:

Sit or lie down comfortably and close your eyes. Lengthen your breath, breathing out to a count of 5 and breathing in to a count of 5. Once your breath has settled into this pattern start to visualise a shaft of golden light entering your body from above your head. Feel this warm, positive light filling your body. Visualise it pulsating from your core making all of your skin glow. Then start to think through the positive things you’d like to see happen in your life these coming months. Visualise them happening and try and imagine how you will feel when they are being achieved. Slowly feel that warm golden light settle into your body, and start counting your breath again, out for a count of 5 and in for a count of 5. Move your fingers and toes and start feeling present again then open your eyes. You should feel energised and motivated to make those positive changes in your life!

Yep this is a bit new agey again, but positive visualisation has been proven to improve performance and achievements and even just the act of siting down and regulating your breath for 5 minutes is going to de stress and calm your body.



 What do you make of all the end of the world / Maya Long Count Calendar stuff? Do you ever acknowledge the change of the seasons at the equinox? Are there any changes you’d like to make in your life right now?

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Clementine December 19, 2012 at 10:02 am

Your posts are awesome! I loved this one – I even got up to have a mandarine when you talked about eating more fruits and veggies! I never realized the change of the seasons the way you wrote about it, it was really interesting. I love to declutter and clean – it makes me feel really good mentally. If I needed to make some change, I should seriously stop procrastinating so much! It’s a terrible habit of mine!


emma December 20, 2012 at 11:51 pm

great post laura! very inspiring….i’m going to make a list for sure. not only do i love lists but i do actually need to work on letting go of a few things -mainly daft thoughts and unrealistic expectations. oh yeah….and i NEED to de-clutter my life!!


Fran@BCDC December 30, 2012 at 1:11 pm

Laura! So sorry I missed the fact that you started this new site! How exciting for you!


Maria @ runningcupcake January 2, 2013 at 11:38 am

I am de-cluttering at the moment- I think it is a really good time of year to sort things out and have a fresh start to the year. (Plus of course make way for the gifts and things I bought in the sales!).


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